Table for 1, Thanks!

Singles are often singled out as lonely, "thirsty," needing a "hook-up," or worst of all, desperate. Friends and family don't make it better with statements such as, "I just want you to be happy" or "If you're happy with yourself, someone will be attracted to you." Whats next? Set the table for One. Table for One, Thanks! is a fictional story sprinkled with Thompson's commentary, communicating lessons of how to delight yourself in the Lord and receive the real "desires" (Hebrew- mishalots) of your heart. This elevates readers from feeling "singled out" to "called out" for greater JOY, PURPOSE and VICTORY. This is the sequel to Table for 1, Please!, where Brinly Marie Daniels met her someday-maybe husband, Eric Washington. In Table for 1, Thanks! we will see a man's view of pursuing "mishalots" or what he has "missed a lot." HINT: Its more than a wife.


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