Meet Inspirational Author/Speaker, D. Michelle Thompson

D. Michelle Thompson, MBA, and author of Table for 1, Please! has twenty years’ experience in Advertising and Marketing. Throughout her corporate career, she had the opportunity to work for top advertising agencies and consumer packaged goods companies; Leo Burnett U.S.A., Foote, Cone & Belding, and Procter & Gamble.  In 2004, she started her own consulting firm, Designed for Destiny LLC. dedicated to empowering people through her writing, teaching and speaking.  Seven years later, Table for 1 Inc., a 501c3 non-profit was founded to focus on the calling and passion to serve the broken-hearted.  This often led Michelle to work with those who were at-risk or living in underserved communities.

What’s her message?  JOY. PURPOSE. VICTORY.  Whenever D. Michelle Thompson speaks, the heart of her message is “the key to success” or as she calls it “a more joyful, purposeful, and victorious life is being ONE…whole and complete in your purpose and your faith (or identity in non-faith based environments).”  She believes that ultimately this healthy vertical relationship leads to healthier horizontal relationships in both your professional and personal life.  When Michelle reflects over her corporate and consulting “highs and lows” she knows that is what helped her push forward.  This revelation is coined in her inspirational fiction book series also branded, Table for One, and the mission of her 501c3 non-profit Table for 1 Inc. a 501(c) (3) non-profit which was contracted by Lighthouse Youth Crisis Center in Cincinnati, Ohio for weekly empowerment to homeless youth for the past six years.  Today, Table for 1 Inc. is a program partner with Never The Less Inc. writing/facilitating Camp EVE for at-risk teen girls AND Curse Breakers serving returning citizens.  Together, these program partners help reach the vision of table for one as we strive to rebuild the family as a whole.


  • Boys & Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati - Developed “Creating Your Reality” entrepreneurship program
  • Gandour (Dubai, U.A.E.) - Trainer/Facilitator for SAP and sales/marketing executives for a Saudi Arabian company
  • King Baptist Church (Denver, Colorado) – Women’s Workshop Facilitator (six-months)
  • Lakewood Church (Houston, Texas) – Keynote Speaker (2-nights) to empower Singles’ under 40 and Singles 40+
  • Bounty® Spokesperson  - 100 Black Men National Convention, Congressional Black Caucus, Potter’s House Dallas
  • P&G Black Women Engineer’s Offsite (Cincinnati, OH)– Facilitator for (3) breakout workshops
  • The Ohio State University School of Business, Queens College, New York and University of Cincinnati – Guest lecturer, Instructor
  • Thrive Conference (Chattanooga, TN) – Speaker/Facilitator for a 3-day Singles’ retreat
  • UC’s Goering Center – subcontracted by Perfect 10 Corporate Cultures for the Communication & Culture Institute